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Kodak Truper 3610 (Discontinued)

Catalog #1055755
Kodak Truper 3610
Scanning Mode: Duplex
Pages Per Minute: 90
Feeder Capacity: 200 pages
Duty Cycle: 10,000 pages per day
Condition: New
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 Business Days

Kodak Truper 3610 PDFView Kodak Truper 3610 PDF

Exceptional. Fast producing. Ready for duty.

In addition to delivering outstanding scanning technology and bundled feature sets-including VRS Professional, Ultrasonic Multi-feed Detection and Advanced Color Dropout-Truper Scanners also deliver real-world value. The combination of high productivity and affordable pricing makes this series the obvious choice for reducing the total cost of scanning.

Speedy prep time

Auto Color Detect: no problem mixing color and black-and-white documents. With Auto Color Detect, Truper Scannersautomatically sense the difference between color and black-and-white as documents are scanned, and accurately capture the original images. Auto Color Detect allows you to eliminate sorting documents by color, saving you time and effort in document preparation.

Auto Orientation: no problem mixing landscape and portrait documents. Auto Orientation automatically displays scanned images "right side up" as they are normally read. Auto Orientation reduces document preparation, scanning interruptions and operator intervention.

Blank Page Deletion: save file size and money. With Blank Page Deletion, Truper Scanners automatically detect and delete blank pages when scanning in duplex mode. Blank Page Deletion reduces scanned file size and document preparation.

User-replaceable parts: reduce service calls. With easy-to-change and easy-to-clean parts, ongoing routine maintenance can be handled by scanner users. This reduces the need for service calls and allows you to boost scanning efficiency. Both Truper models use the same consumable kits, which eliminates the need to stock multiple kits for multiple scanners.

Long and very long document scanning. The long document handling feature is enduser selectable and requires no additional IT support. It's easy to switch between standardlength and long-length document scanning. Users can convert very long documents like fetal monitoring strips and electrocardiogram (EKG) strips into sharp, digitized images, which are automatically rendered into image segments that are 254 cm (100 in.) long. This technology eliminates the labor-intensive process of cutting long documents into measured sections or mounting them on standard-size sheets prior to scanning.

Speeding to the top of their class

With KODAK Truper Series Scanners, the low-volume production scanner segment just got a little faster. The Truper Scanners' unique combination of image quality, duty cycle and speed make them an attractive option for service bureau overflow, busy office environments and businesses with exception document scanning needs. With flatbed plus rotary, or rotary-only models, the Truper Scanners can meet your diverse scanning needs.

Fast producing

Speed: Up to 90 pages per minute (ppm). For color, black-and-white and grayscale scanning, Truper Scanners provide accelerated throughput.

High-quality images

Truper Series Scanners deliver great image quality that meets the demands of modern document management solutions. Whether you scan bar codes, forms, invoices, patient records or EKG strips, you can be confident that Truper Scanners will accurately capture your images and increase your OCR/ICR read rates.

The LED lamps are designed to last for the life of the scanner, and their bright light renders true illumination to enable accurate color imaging.

Kodak Truper 3610 Consumables

Kodak Blower Brush
Blower Brush

Catalog #1797158
Our Price: $22.00
List Price: $22.00
Kodak Ink Cartridge
Ink Cartridge

Catalog #C6602A
Our Price: $39.00
List Price: $71.00
Kodak NCR Cleaning Kit
NCR Cleaning Kit

Catalog #8387615
Our Price: $155.00
List Price: $157.00
Kodak Roller Replacement Kit
Roller Replacement...

Catalog #8460321
Our Price: $561.50
List Price: $600.00

Kodak Truper 3610 Warranty

One year (three-months on-site, plus nine-months depot repair: return to Kodak)
  • If you discover a Warrantable Repair, Kodak will, at its option, repair or replace this Product, at no charge to you, provided you register the Product with kodak within 30 days of purchase.
  • Kodak will provide on-site warranty service for the first three months of the warranty term. Response time is 72 hours, within 100 miles of most major metropolitan areas within the contiguous United States and Canada.

Kodak Truper 3610 Maintenance Kits

The following Maintenance Kits are compatible with purchase of the Kodak Truper 3610.

Truper 3210/3610 1 YR EXT WTY 4HR 1PM

Truper 3210/3610 1 year extend warranty 4HR 1PM
Catalog #1278951

Truper 3210/3610 3YR EXT WTY 4HR 1PM

Truper 3210/3610 3 year extend warranty 4HR 1PM
Catalog #1695493

Note: All Care Kits are virtual and will be emailed to you rather than physically shipped.
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