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Kodak Scanmate i1120 (Discontinued)

Catalog #1147925
Kodak Scanmate i1120
Scanning Mode: Duplex
Pages Per Minute: 20
Feeder Capacity: 50 pages
Duty Cycle: 1,000 pages per day
Condition: New
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 Business Days

Kodak Scanmate i1120 PDFView Kodak Scanmate i1120 PDF
Just push the button and organize your paperwork - easily.
The new KODAK SCANMATE i1120 Scanner transforms your paper documents into high-quality digital images that can be managed, sent, filed, and found - easily. One push of a button puts you in control of your documents and organizes your information.

It's smart, reliable, and it multitasks.
The KODAK SCANMATE i1120 is ready to scan right out of the box, with one simple computer connection and intuitive bundled software. With the smart touch feature, you can easily preprogram up to nine scanning functions, along with the file formats you need them in (PDF, TIFF, JPEG, RTF, and searchable PDF).

Scan anything from a business card to documents up to 86 cm (34 in.) long, in color, grayscale, black and white, one-sided or two. Even when they're imperfect, Perfect Page technology can make scanned images look better than the originals. This robust desktop scanner gives you all the ease, flexibility, reliability, and quality you want, at a price that's just where you want it.

Small footprint with a big payback.
Your office will benefit with:
  • Reliable paper handling to minimize rescans
  • Automatic document feeding for quick processing
  • Versatility to handle many types of documents
  • Bundled software that adds real value
  • Plug and Play simplicity and ease of use
  • High-quality imaging for accuracy and legibility
  • A price that makes it all very affordable
  • Best-in-class service warranty from Kodak

That's the new KODAK SCANMATE i1120 Scanner. One small footprint that helps you take one giant leap toward a well-organized office.

Kodak Scanmate i1120 Consumables

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Kodak Scanmate i1120 Warranty

1 year warranty depot repair

Kodak Scanmate i1120 Maintenance Kits

The following Maintenance Kits are compatible with purchase of the Kodak Scanmate i1120.

Scanmate i1120 3 year Care Kit

3 years of warranty coverage with AUR starting from date of scanner purchase.
Catalog #1336742

Scanmate i1120 5 year Care Kit

5 years of warranty coverage with AUR starting from date of scanner purchase
Catalog #1482371

Note: All Care Kits are virtual and will be emailed to you rather than physically shipped.
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